Comfy Bottoms®

"Quite simply, it works!"

  • Quickly heals and prevents diaper rash
  • Heals minor skin irritations and itching due to diaper rash
  • Reduces chafing
  • Absorbs moisture
  • No talc, corn starch, or preservatives
  • Natural skin protectant with organic colloidal oatmeal

When my daughter was a baby she developed chronic diaper rash which would cover her whole bottom. Sores and severe itching would keep both of us up all night. As I searched for anything & everything to help my daughter’s diaper rash, I noticed that every product I could find included multiple ingredients that, most of the time, were impossible to pronounce. After many unsuccessful appointments with various doctors I decided to take matters into her own hands.

I decided that I wouldn’t stop until I found the perfect combination of all natural ingredients that cured irritated skin. Spending every moment of free time researching ingredients and experimenting with new recipes, I eventually found that perfect combination. I was overjoyed to find that my daughter’s rash was gone and soon her skin was truly as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Starting out, I couldn’t have known that a wholesome oatmeal powder, mixed with a blend of other natural ingredients from around my kitchen, could eliminate my child’s diaper rash pain. My daughter isn’t the only one. If you ask my friends and family to tell you about Aunt K’s Comfy Bottoms powder they’ll only have one thing to say – Quite simply, it works!

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I have been a foster mother for years. Diaper rash can be a painful issue for some babies. I had a baby with a horrible diaper rash. Absolutely nothing I used worked so I tried your powder. By that evening he no longer cried and the rash began healing! Since then it's all I use to help keep them dry and prevent the rash from starting. I also like that it's all natural and safe. Amazing product!
- Laurel W

No fragrance which I love. It's all natural and it works! So glad I found this product!
- Miriam H

My daughter uses your Comfy Bottoms baby powder every day on her daughter's bottom. She has not had a problem with diaper rash since the initial bout which your product cleared beautifully. Wish I would have had your product when my kids were little.
- Barbara C

The little powder balls that form in the diaper while pulling away the moisture are kinda crazy but I love the product! - David V
Since there is oatmeal in your product I poured some in my baby's bath and soaked her bottom. Did you know your baby powder works great in bath water? Really!
- Kim J

Awesome product!
- Ruby R