Q: Does Aunt K's use any toxic ingredients?
A: No! Unlike many skin care products, Aunt K's powders use only non-toxic, natural ingredients. There are no added perfumes or coloring agents. 

Q: Does using Aunt K's powders lead to any side effects?
A: No. There are no harsh chemicals that cause side effects in Aunt K's powders.

Q: Does Aunt K's powder sting on tender skin?
A: No. The product does not contain alcohol or other agents that cause stinging, nor does it contain anything to mask such an effect.

Q: Can Aunt K's powders be applied as a salve or paste?
A: Yes. Some have reported good results from mixing Aunt K's powders with a small amount of their favorite lotion or cream. We have also had reports of positive results mixing with coconut oil. Do not use this method if the liquid/gel is not appropriate for the treatment site (consult their product labels).

Q: What are Aunt K's powders made from?
A: Aunt K's unique formula uses soft white wheat and  colloidal oatmeal (active ingredient). These all-natural ingredients go through a special process to become a therapeutic powder.

Q: How do Aunt K's powders work?
A: Naturally occurring compounds in the materials Aunt K uses may have beneficial effects when administered to skin with various problem conditions.

Q: Have Aunt K's powders been tested for effectiveness?
A: Yes! Subjects from 3 weeks to 80 years old suffering from a wide variety of skin conditions were treated with Aunt K's powders, over-the-counter remedies, and home remedies. Subjects reported positive results from Aunt K's powders.

Q: What is the shelf life of Aunt K's powders?
A: While Aunt K's powders do not contain preservatives, they are made of dry, natural ingredients. Keep the container sealed and the powder within dry. When stored properly, the product will remain safe and easy to use for many months.

Q: Are there skin conditions Aunt K's should not be used on?
A: Stop use and see a doctor if conditions worsen, if symptoms last longer than 7 days, or if symptoms clean up and reoccur within a few days.

Q: Can Aunt K's powders be used internally?
A: No. these products are for external use only. Keep away from face and mouth to avoid breathing in powder. Do not get into eyes.

Q: Where can Aunt K's powders be purchased?
A: Just Local Foods and Tangled Up in Hue in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. You may also purchase Aunt K's powders through her online store at www.auntks.com