Sports Powder

"Quite simply, it works!"

    • Calms bug bites
    • Relieves itchy, irritated skin
    • Heals minor skin irritations
    • Treats skin rash
    • Reduces chafing
    • Treats contact dermatitis
    • Relieves exposure to poison ivy
    • Absorbs moisture
    • No talc, corn starch, or preservatives
    • Natural skin protectant with organic colloidal oatmeal

Coming from northern Wisconsin, my family was all too familiar with the irritation and frustration that comes along with enjoying the outdoors. Bug bites, poison ivy and heat rash from riding a bicycle were all things that our family and neighbors dealt with on a daily basis. The only solution, of course, was to find a fix myself. I went back to the kitchen and created a sports powder to sit on the shelf next to the bug spray and aloe. The powder took the itch out of bug bites, the pain out of poison ivy and the heat out of bike rash. I shared it with others who enjoyed the outdoors, and Aunt K’s Sports Powder was born.

Still using only 100% natural ingredients, Aunt K’s “Sports Powder” promises to absorb moisture, reduce chafing, and heal nearly any type of minor skin irritation. You know it, but we’ll say it again – Quite simply, it works!

Learn more about Aunt K's Sports Powder on YouTube!

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I play basketball, tennis, ride bikes and am very physically active. I was getting horrible heat rashes that itched beyond words. I tried a ton of different things and nothing helped except your sport powder. At first I used it when the rash appeared. It relieved the itching and cleared the rash. It's pretty amazing. Now I just use it every morning to prevent the rash from coming. My wife uses it too. Great product!
- Steve and Marilee M

Works great and the all natural ingredients is a big plus in our family!
- Erica Y 
I love your product! Just wish it was in one of our local stores.
- Sam N