“Aunt K’s All-Natural Sports Powder worked better than cortisone ”

When I had a blister under my skin from adhesive bandages, I used Aunt K’s powder and it took away the itch. I applied it with a little cream. I had tried some cortisone cream, but that didn’t help. I’m very satisfied with Aunt K’s powder.
- Werner H.

“Aunt K’s All-Natural Foot Powder relieves chronic foot problems ”

My line of work causes my feet to get wet, either by conditions or by sweat. This led to chronic rash/infection on my right foot…raw, irritated skin… bleeding…burning…profuse itching… Your product has been the only one to relieve all my symptoms consistently. Please continue to produce this product, it has been a pleasure not to have problem feet.
- Matthew R.

“Aunt K’s All-Natural Sports Powder treats athlete’s rash ”

My son has been playing hockey since he was 5 years old…We noticed a rash that would appear on his wrists and ankles…We took him first to a doctor and then a dermatologist…nothing seemed to work. We tried Aunt K’s powder and within 2 days the itch was gone (and the rash was gone soon afterward)…It has done wonders!
- Kristi B.